PED Virus confirmed in Alberta: What you need to know

October 31, 2017 | by admin

Update: The PED Virus challenge in Alberta

What you need to know:

Porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED) has been found in Alberta. It's critical that everyone takes a moment to discuss biosecurity with their farm team, transport team and dead stock pick up. Check back to this article regularly for updates. Here's what is known so far:

The Latest

A fourth case of the PED virus has been confirmed in Alberta. Alberta Pork announced the outbreak on Friday, March 15.

Previously it was announced that a third and fourth case of the PED virus had been discovered at separate hog operations in Alberta. However it has been clarified that the third case was a false positive.

In total, authorities have now confirm four outbreaks of PED in Alberta in 2019: one announced in January, one announced in February and the latest two announced in March. Further information is available from Alberta Pork.

PEDv Biosecurity Cheat Sheat

Below is information prepared by Prairie Swine Health Services in January 2018 based on the Manitoba Pork PEDv Biosecurity Cheat Sheet:

Click here to download a PDF of this information

PED Virus Quick Facts

PED virus is a disease of pigs that causes vomiting and diarrhea in sows, vomiting and severe watery diarrhea in piglets resulting in high mortality (50-100% in piglets <7 days of age).

Contact your veterinarian to review ALL biosecurity protocols.

Here is information prepared by Prairie Swine Health Services in January 2018 based on the Manitoba Pork PEDv Biosecurity Cheat Sheet:


  • Have a barrier when entering your operation (have signage with contact numbers)
  • Have dedicated boots for your farm yard
  • Have all visitors use disposable booties when visiting, but limit visitors to essential visitors only Use your Danish entry effectively
  • Keep deadstock and garbage bin as far away as possible – have designated clothing and wash this frequently
  • Disinfect equipment and tools entering the barn
  • Transfer pigs/supplies/equipment offsite when possible
  • Full disinfection and wash of trailers prior to entering or returning to your yard
  • Staff/Personnel
  • Dedicated clothes/boots for every barn
  • Have transfer clothing/yard specific clothing
  • Use showers when entering the barn (use soap and shampoo) – Shower in AND out
  • Reduce movements on and off farm
  • Barn
  • Use the Danish entry for every barn entry/exit (if you don’t have one, this is a great time to create one)
  • Know the health status/source of incoming pigs – have your veterinarian perform a “Vet to Vet”
  • Check the wash ticket for trailers backing up to your barn and ensure they used a disinfectant
  • Wash your load in/out chute after EVERY shipment
  • Turn away trailers there is any reason you suspect they might not have had a proper wash and disinfect (and dry for breeding stock)


  • Do not allow any person or vehicle on your farm without warning (call ahead of time)
  • Do not allow dirty vehicles in your yard
  • Do not wear street clothes on farm yard
  • Do not cross paths with garbage or deadstock truck with your farm equipment
  • Do not share staff between operations
  • Do not wear farm clothes/shoes off farm
  • Do not wash farm clothes off farm
  • Do not move sick pigs or pigs with unknown health status

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