Protect your pigs from the deadly African Swine Fever virus

October 31, 2017 | by admin

Protect your pigs from the deadly African Swine Fever virus

Take these necessary precautions:

African swine fever (ASF) is a severe viral disease affecting domestic and wild pigs. Canada is currently ASF-free however everyone involved with handling and managing pigs across the country must take necessary precautions to protect their animals and maintain this status. The Canadian Pork Council and provincial pork organizations are asking all producers, processors, auction markets and industry partners to help Canada stay free of this deadly virus.

Below is information prepared by the Canadian Pork Council:

Click here to download a PDF of this information

Do Not Feed Human Food Waste or Meat to Your Pigs!

Although this virus cannot infect humans, even a trace amount from a contaminated pork product can kill your pigs and spread the disease. Be wary of where you dispose of your food waste so other animals, including wild boars, do not have access to it.

If you feed your pig fruit and vegetables, make sure they have never entered a kitchen or been in contact with meat or products of animal origin.

The virus can survive in fresh pork, processed pork products including cured, air dried, salted or smoked products for up to 300 days and even 1,000 days in frozen pork. The virus can kill pigs if ingested

Travellers Beware!

African swine fever can be transmitted to pigs through contaminated food and by contaminated items such as clothing and footwear.

  • When you travel, never bring back meat or pork products into Canada.
  • Wash all clothing and footwear immediately after use in other countries. Even better, if you visit a farm or animals, don’t bring them back to Canada!

Although African swine fever is not currently present in Canada, wild boars can very easily spread a host of diseases to your pigs. If they have access to the outdoors, TAKE THE NECESSARY PRECAUTIONS SO YOUR PIGS NEVER COME INTO CONTACT WITH WILD PIGS!

Let's Work Together!

African swine fever is very contagious & is killing pigs and wild boars in Africa, Asia and parts of Europe. No treatment is currently available. Let’s work together so African swine fever does not make its way to Canada!

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