Covid-19 And Pigs: What You Need To Know

May 22, 2020 | by admin

By Dr. Kelsey Gray DVM, Prairie Swine Health Services

During the era of Covid-19, these unprecedented times bring high anxiety as we do not have all the answers. One minute, we’re told not to wear masks, and the next, well…you better get yourself a mask.

The pig industry is certainly not free from the anxiety of this evolving situation. Initial reactions by our pork producers regarding Covid-19 started with the concern “can pigs get Covid-19?” and “What am I going to do if our workers get sick? Who will care for our pigs?” and unfortunately in some areas, the heart wrenching question is now being asked “How do I mass euthanize my pigs?”

Let’s get a few facts straight to understand where these questions arise from and what answers we have for them:

Click on this link to view the full item as featured on the blog of Alberta Farm Animal Care.

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